HTC Cable

High Temperature Cable - 

High Temperature Cables, Electric Cables offered find application as power cables in plants having high temperature environment where it is not possible for using ordinary PVC cables. Some of these high temperature areas include near furnaces, boilers, rotary kilns and others. The high temperatures around furnace frequently damage the electrical wiring of motors, control panels that requires replacement of cables at periodic intervals which in turn leads to precious loss of productivity. Here, the High temperature PTFE insulated HTC cables.

General :

  1. Range of temperature: 400°C up to 1200°C
  2. Performs extremely well under fire conditions
  3. Is halogen free and low in smoke
  4. Is resistant to many chemicals and adverse climatic conditions
  5. Have very good electrical characteristics
  6. Has outstanding resistance against oil, weather and UV-Radiation
  7. Have high dielectric strength and high abrasion resistance

We will provide undermentioned insulations for high temperature :

  1. MICA Insulation
  2. Ceramic Fiber Insulation
  3. Asbestos Insulation
  4. Kapton Tape Insulation